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Thursday, August 16, 2012

XStudio 1.7: Public search/filters

Starting with XStudio 1.7 you have the possibility to share your search/filters on:
- tasks
- requirements
- specifications
- tests/test cases,
- and of course bugs.

Here is how it looks like for the bugs:

A new toolbar allows to create a new search/save/save as/edit/delete the search.
To open a predefined search/filter, just click on the open button and pick one in the list.

Note that the search/filter window is NOT modal so you can keep it aside and use it when you want. Clicking on an entry in the search window will select the item in the main XStudio window: pretty easy and practical as you have a filtered view + the normal tree accessible in parallel.

The item list is as usual updated dynamically while you edit the criteria.


  1. I love this! It will most likely be used a lot in our test setups, depending on the end result of it.

    In many implementations, this is called a "virtual folder" (or similar). Windows, OSX, Linux all uses this in similar ways, as well as mail clients (such as gmail and outlook) and other applications.

    This naming makes sense, since the result from the search is just another way of sorting your DB content than the default sorting view (based on the folder hierarchy).

    Would it be possible to have an implementation generalizing the organizing pattern this way? I.e. have a search saved as a "folder" in the normal hierarchical view?

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